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Warframe Does Not Fill The Screen When Downscaled


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On my Surface Pro, I understandably get significantly lower preformance than my gaming rig. So In addition to turning down all my graphics to low/off, I also downscale my Resolution in-game to 720p instead of 1080p


However doing so it has failed to stretch the image, so although I was able to change to 720p, my screen is incredibly small.


The best temporary solution I can think of is to lower Windows Resolution to 720p.


Hoping for a fix soon.

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Suggestion: Switch off DX11, if you haven't already. Bordered downscaled windows help preserve the actual image quality that usually gets distorted by stretching. I know I appreciated games that could use DX11 for this reason for quite some time on my laptop. (I needed slightly lower resolutions than my native 1600x900 screen, but I hated it when 1280x720 stretched out and looked really fuzzy. 


If the game is running in DX9 it is more likely to run properly stretched. 

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