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Need Help With Mods.



So im new to the game only playing for like 4 or 5 days.I got only rank 2 and forging Rihno now..3 days left..anyway my question is what mods shoud i upgrade first for my warframe or weapons? Which are the top prioritis to upgrade first?
Thank you for your help and sorry for my english(not my first language but im trying).

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For Rhino, you'll want to level Streamline and Intensify to level 4, and Redirection to level 6.


For your rifle(s), you'll want to level Serration to level 6, and elements and Speed Trigger to level 4.

Sidearms will be Hornet Strike to level 6, Barrel Diffusion (once you get it) and elements to level 4.

Melee: Fury and Pressure Point to 4, elements to 4.


Be sure to make elemental combinations according to http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_2.0, it'll help a LOT.


Basically that's a good starting point. You can finish leveling them to 5 (and the 6's to 8 and eventually 10) later.

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Generally, just max whatever seems useful and whatever you wind up with a lot of :) For most things, duplicates will get you pretty far. Save your Fusion Cores to rare stuff that is just way too useful, like if you pull up a Flow, Streamline, or Serration. Also, for Rhino, max out Iron Skin immediately, it's your most useful skill.

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As a player that just crossed the "new player" line (not a veteran tho), i would recomend leveling the elemental dmg mods as they are easy to obtain and helps a lot

The dmg mods (serration/hornet strike) are harder to get and to lvl, but are very powerfull

Until you get them elemental dmg will help a lot...just try some combinations based on dmg 2.0

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Every frame reacts to mods differently.  Some powers are unaffected by certain buffs, so you can't just say "Focus on Power Duration".  That said, i've always found Power Efficiency (Streamline) quite useful no matter the frame.


Here's what I would focus on for a Rhino:

-Power Efficiency (Streamline)

-Power Strength (Intensify)

-Power Range (Stretch)

-Iron Skin

-Rhino Stomp



That simple combo will make you an invincible long range AoE high-Alpha damage CC machine.  It's Warframe easy mode.  You can expand on these traits with other, more advanced mods (Corrupted) as you get more familiar with the system.


As for weapons, focus only on damage and multi-shot mods for now.  Very few instances will you find things like Fire Rate and Ammo/Magazine Capacity even remotely useful compared to flat/elemental damage mods.  I would ignore shotguns and sniper rifles at the beginning of the game - most of your kills will be clusters of enemies from mid to long range where assault-type rifles outperform anything else.

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