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I Meet The First Cheater


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im nearly shure what kill the network since days


im not really shure but it looks like - by expirience - that cheaters try to F*** up warframe


i meet a level 3 rhino with a useless low mk1-barton on alarm-mission KER (its level was, if i remember right: smth about 20 to mid 30, not playable for a level 3 rhino with a lowlevel barton)


he was the fastest and have had 20 kills even where we others with better weapons and warframes was able to move - and then my game crashed AGAIN ...


im out now of this useless discussion or postings about network/login/technical troubles


i will send warnumber after warnumber to support, but im not willing to waste my time with the cheater-theme and the troubles they create


all the best for the specialists and creative people at DE


dont let kill idiots my most loved game :-)


im out, playing warframe ...


ps: i tried now the 7th round to play kerr, 7 crashes of warframe is a good result, isnt it ?


i get moved off, then i was alone because the others get moved out, then it simply crashed again, and again, and again ...

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Rank has nothing to do with how well the mk1 is modded, it could be 6 time forma'd with maxed serration/heavy calibre/elements/split chamber and that player just has never done the mastery tests.


As for speed coptering/speed helm and rhino Is one of the fastest frames in game.


A little knowledge is a great thing, knee jerking is not

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