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Lobby Queues For Defense And Survival (Possible 'end Game'?)


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Had an idea and thought I'd post it:


There are two game modes very different from the rest: Defense and Survival. They're different because they go on as long as your team wants to go, and as such can lead to some very high level content.


There are many maps for these two game modes, but most people won't be seeing the Phobos or Earth or whatever maps at 'End Game' because they start off with low level enemies, and players would prefer to start off at 30-40, or whatever.


My idea to fix this is to add a queue system (sort of like 'Dungeon Finders' in other MMO's) that would allow you to group with other players who want to play Defense/Survival at a certain level and then also pick between any of the many Defense/Survival levels DE has created (more geared to Defense since each Defense has its own unique tile).


If this idea were to be implemented, players would be able to play any Defense/Survival map on any level, all while making it easier to find others to play with.


P.S. to DE: a queue system for Void could also make things a lot easier on everyone sitting in 'Recruiting Chat'.



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