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Dark Sector Glitch?


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i want to complete all missions in Jupiter so i can use an extractor there. but i am totally stymied by a dark sector that WON"T LET ME PLAY IT AT ALL! when i click on it, i get 3 options: "tutorial", "history" and "quit": NO "PLAY" OPTION!


oh, i just now (while writing this) noticed the message that says, "92% rail integrity" (make that 93%, it JUST changed) does it have to be 100% to be accessed? and how long will i have to wait? a timer would be REALLY helpful. or do i really need to join that clan to access it?


note that i was able to attack and defend it last night with no problem...it really needs better explanations.

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there's no "launch" or "play " or "start" or ANYTHING of the sort at all!


like i said, "tutorial","history", and "exit" are the ONLY buttons on the page!


i looked at the Wiki and it apparently isn't playable until 12 hours after a "conflict", which also lasts 12 hours,which MIGHT explain this,but why, WHY doesn't it tell HOW MUCH LONGER if that's the cause?


and WHY does the jupiter map require winning a dark sector to unlock the final NORMAL sector???? (i'm taking specifically about the "sinai" sector needed to unlock "carme" and  "cameria") 


PS: i joined the "conflict" several times yesterday and won THAT at least once but those last 2 are stil locked!

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