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Twice I run ODA and get Eleventh Storm the first time. Then both times I crash on part 2 of the boss.


I'ma repost my poem here.


I am the Warframe of farming.
Fleeting Expertise is my body, and Streamline is my blood.
I have Desecrated over a thousand Infested.
Unknown to Survival nor known to Defense.
Have withstood boredom to farm many Mods.
Yet 11th Storm will always elude me.



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I got it on the 1st part of him.. got to second part.. went to mpime him so he moves slower.. and than suddenly.. I'm stopped in  mid air... my hand extended.. my glowly anti matter leaking from me.. and than....



Warframe has crash!


I hate you so... please stop that.... just give me the darn mod so I can look all cool and fiery.. 

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