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Kubrow Fixes And Changes


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Here are some fixes and changes that i think should happen:


1- When you are going to mod your kubrow and he already has some mods on him you can't see them in the installed category.


2-There shouldn't be a wait time when you switch kubrows there isn't on on the frames or the sentinels.


3- They shouldn't be able to dye instead of dyeing when it gets to zero you shouldn't be able to youse them until you give      them a DNA stabilizer.


4- The price of the DNA stabilizer should be cut in half so the noobs can youse them to.


5-When I'm in battle with my kubrow he doesn't jump in to air vents or if there's a hole in the flow I have to go through he       wont fallow. so the jumping abilities of the kubrow need to be fixed.

6-They should be able to wall run with you.






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The price of DNA stabilizers does not need changing. 100k purchase can last you two weeks, if  you can't make that much money in two entire weeks, then perhaps focus should be spent on clearing the solar system before obtaining and maintaining a kubrow.

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I think I mostly agree with the first guy. I can see the Kubrow being for more advanced players, but the way it's set up now I'm not sure that the improvement of stats and abilities for Kubrows justifies just how much more difficult and tedious they are to maintain. Mine so far has been dying every mission, often not long after joining, while sentinels tend to last at least on lower level missions. It would be nice if they also made their AI a bit better, for instance, made them (and rescued captives for that matter) avoid hazards such as fire or electric water. Otherwise having them on missions like derelicts and so on is just not going to work.

Stabilizers used only after death I like though.

The wait time on the stasis is (imo) pretty dumb too.

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What's about the ability to throw the S#&$ty dogs out of my air lock? Instantly. Without 10 days of waiting for them to die.

Ok, it's obviously a plat sink. I'm fine with that (/sarcasm), but holy S#&$ - at least  give me the chance to get rid of them

for the same money i have to pay for a stasis chamber. Managing 45782 Kubrows cause of RNG isn't a very well solution.

I do not want them. Are you kidding me DE? *sigh*

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