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Kubrow's And Melee Upgrades.


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I think that kubrow's need the ability to have special weapon upgrades that would make them a bit more useful.


Stupid Examples:


Oxium Claws: increase dash attack dmg.

    *Stance: Allows the Kubrow to preform a spiral dash towards enemies like Malicious Raptor's Lethal Clash end move.


Fun Facts: Oxium is a rare lighter than air alloy of Orokin origin.


Infected Fangs: Increase finisher dmg that applies toxic proc .

         *Stance: Allows the Kubrow to preform a quick stealth attacks where it leaps onto targets and bites their neck.


Fun Facts: There are no infested animals.


Rubedo Battle Helm: Slow moving heavy attacks that can't be interrupted but high chance for knockdown.

                *stance: Slow moving charge attack with high chance for knockdown and impact dmg.


Fun Fact: Rubedo is what most warframes and weapons are made out of.


and of course, all upgradeable through melee mods and the original melee/crit mods get nerfed.




Why? Because I want my kubrow to show purpose in serious fights and not just jump around from enemy to enemy; Maybe if they could actually ATTACK enemies faster then they take dmg then they won't need such crazy buff mods.


IndelibleJealousAlaskanmalamute.gif I want my kubrow to be like this but to our enemies!

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It means this thread didn't belong in general discussion.


Edit: Dammit, I guess I need to refresh before posting since the update notifications is sorta on the mentally challenged side.

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