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Zanuka Escape Mission


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So last night during a mission, I got invaded by a Zanuka Hunter. He killed me and my friend from the same session DC'd causing my game to crash (which has been happening a lot recently). Later on, when I tried accessing the escape mission manually (by going to my warframe arsenal and clicking on the captured warframe), the missions seemed bugged out. I had the abilities of other warframes on my Loki, which was the one captured.


That's cool and all seeing a Mirage/Saryn/Loki combo; however, I can't complete the mission. Everytime I finished, it gave me the "Could not update account information, progress was not saved!" message which means my stuff wasn't given back. I have tried this mission over 5 times now with the same results, is there a way to get back my captured stuff?




An another note, I can play any other missions on the star chart using any other available warframes/weapons.

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