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Several Types Of Pvp (Alternatives)


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I'm playing lots of PVP games.


I find the thought of competitive PVP as represented by DS PVP and Covenants somewhat ... doubtful to say the least.


Without any doubt Warframe was designed as a PVE game, where you can slaughter hundreds of enemies alone.

Why? Because Tennos are superior and downright kewl.


No matter if you play Ash, or Nova or Hydroid or Rhino - they are pure awesome! And they feel like pure awesome in PVE.


Now, when I look upon the feedback here, it is whiny "tune this or that ability/weapon/sentinel/lala down so that it is fair...".


What that means in essence is that you'll end up playing not awesome. You'll end up playing a very athletic soldier in a weird costume. And that's all. Plays like any BF with different loadouts.


Ash will no longer break your necks, he'll do some extra damage to you - perhaps. Same with all the other abilities, they will be watered down, till they are fair.


And the endless nerf/debuff discussion will go on till the end of time or till DE finds it too stressy to fight the constant DDOS attacks anymore that seem to hit them with alarming regularity atm.


So I still think the whole DS idea is pure BS... Let me present the alternatives:


Dojo Dueling

Just leave it as it is right now. Fun PVP, no nerfing, no buffing. It is just two Tennos going against each other with their full fury. Perhaps add a button in the dojo's dueling room to quickly invite someone who is not of your clan. He should have the ability to accept or reject.


Communal Hub Dueling

Well, one of their plans was to introduce some space stations, where we can meet, if I remember right.

So, go ahead and do enter a kind of "Thunderdome" and two Tennos can fight there. But make it so that each can set - or not set - some Nightmare conditions. This could be several Tennos fighting each other, like 4 vs 4.

So once they see what they are up against, each might select some conditions for the fight.

Like (just brainstorming):

- No shields

- No level 4 powers

- No armor

- No Guns, just melee

- No Sentinels

- A certain map

- etc pp

Let each side pick if they want a condition, but if they choose one, the other side gets to choose one, too.

Till they agreed on fighting terms and then let all else not involved be able to watch the outcome.

And if both sides can't agree, there is no fight.


This basically covers all scenarios of "fair" PVP, if there ever was such a thing.


"Dark Sector" Fights

We each started the same. Lotus tells us we are all special snowflakes and oh-so rare.

The best way I'd envision this kind of PVP is either like in Primal Carnage or in Lord of the Rings Online.

Why take away from the awesome of the Tennos? Let them fight other players - but other players will choose their Dinosaur/Monster form for that fight. They play as Grineer or Corpus, Infested perhaps. But they will not be as awesome as Tennos. Perhaps they can improve their "monster chars" to a slight degree, but...

Once the round is over, another round will be fought with switched sides.

Whoever did better wins.


Voila, gone is the lore-bashing "Tenno pay taxes to other Tenno and I'll pee on your rail..." story.


Just some quick thoughts...

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