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Blood Guard| Looking For New Members! (Re Written) [3 Slots Open]


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Hey, I'm devBlood, leader of Blood Guard. 

Before I get into the details of the clan I'd like to take some space and thank our most active and loyal members.

Cheesepuffs2314, you've been a huge help with the contribution in our dojo, thanks alot, buddy!

Locust0, you've helped me level up as well as help the clan grow, you've been a MASSIVE help to me, and I can't thank you enough. Actually, for your massive contribution, I hereby promote you to Watch Officer.


Hey, we're Blood Guard, the fans of nothing more than ruthlessly ending Grineer! (and corpus and infestation an- well, you get my drift.) We're a small clan, simply trying to make out way in this dying system. And to do that, we need some more members! I'm sure very little of you want to join a clan uninformed, so I'll tell you a little about ourselves!


Dojo! Everybody likes dojos! Our dojo is a bit small, but we're expanding it quickly. We have a few labs, and we're getting more, as well as our barracks. We're getting allot of our research done as well. Soon enough, we'll have a Solar Rail up and running, which brings us to the next topic of discussion.


Solar Rail. We're trying to get more members to help us defend our Solar Rail once it's done, we intend to fight our way into Phobos or Europa, nice small moons no one cares about. TO do this, we'll need MEMBERS to help us, members like you!


Right, so, Blood Guard has a few rules that need to be followed, you can find those here: 

--Respect your fellow Guard members, they are your comrades! Please do not harass or insult other Guard members. Punishable by demotion.
--Don't be a troll. This means don't shoot explosive barrels while other members are passing by them, go guns blazing on a stealth mission, or acting like an idiot. This doesn't mean not to have fun, but it does mean DON'T BE A TROLL. Punishable by exile.
--Follow the color code. This is:
Initiate-Vanguard: All colors (including energy) should be red, the secondary is white.
Watch Officer: All colors (energy not included) should be white, and secondary and energy should be red.
Warden: All colors (including energy) should be red, and the trim color 3 should be white.
Specialty Guard: All colors black (including energy) the rest are white.
Please note that Warden SlasherxII (the second in command) has the privilege to have a custom secondary color.
--Listen to your officers.This means if they give your orders during a mission or at the dojo, do it. (Unless it'll compromise the mission.) Punishable by exile or demotion.
--Have fun. Don't be afraid to crack a few jokes or have some fun at the dojo! Not having fun will result in boredom. Boredom must be purged!


After reading this, I hope you're interested in joining our small, tight knight clan. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a nice day!

We'll also be getting some cool banners and logos soon, so you can check those out soon!


-devBlood, Captain of the Guard

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Greetings devBlood! You have another interested individual here for when you get back! I wish to help newcomers to this great game and share my (somewhat) vast resources with you and the clan. I will eagerly await you response.


P.S. Very nice clan description! Thumbs up!

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