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General Immortal Skin Feedback


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With the new color fixes, it sure did make colors more vibrant(In most cases, some are just too dark) in turn, it made something show up on the Nyx Immortal skin.

Before I was able to work around with it by avoiding really really dark colors so that the white Jagged edges wont show up. Now with the fix, you're pretty much stuck with using white(and it will still show up) Can we have this outline removed?

Image below:


Thanks DE!

Edit: Changed title to General Immortal skin feedback from Nyx Immortal skin feedback.

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Nyx's Immortal skin is the only one I liked enough to buy.


Almost all the others do this sort of "coloring outside the lines" thing where they disregard the contours and geometry of the Warframe and go do their own thing.  Vauban is a prime example, with his obvious coat and jumpsuit areas, but his patterns just splash between them willy nilly.  Mag is very busy.  Oberon's pattern really tries to rewrite certain of his contours, Rhino is just sort of painted with a lotus motif here and there.  Nova, Volt, on and on.


Ash, his Immortal skin plays well on his form.  He's just kind of an ugly 'frame, though, with that weird organic bug armor looking business on his arms, so I didn't get his skin.  Not big on the lotus motif on him, either.



Which is a long way to say I hope they resolve whatever graphical tweak is making that set of lines jagged and low-res looking.

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Also they need to fix how the immortal skin has a darker tint by default. most of my frames are mostly white, and when i tried to play with nyx's skin:

Heh ... I was going to post exactly the same thing. Would be nice, if I could get a pure white on my Immortal Nyx.

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Looks like this became a general Immortal skin feedback thread.. Wonder if we can change the title?


You should be able to, just edit the OP.


Edit: And hit the "use full editor" button belowe the text field.

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