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Suggestion For Antitoxin Revamp As Proc Cancels.


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So I put this on some random thread but I thought it was worthy of it's own topic in feedback.


Basically to rework the AT effects to nullify active procs on use, which procs, depends on the AT used.

This, would obviously not work against proc aura leaders, that's the point of those enemies.

It would clear the proc if used outside of their area of influence.


Low level ATs: beryl/amethyst. These could nullify the basic elemental procs (fire,ice,toxic,elect) 2 elements per AT (one for fire and ice and the other for toxic and elec).


Mid level ATs: citrine/topaz. More difficult to craft, so these nullify the advanced elemental procs (radiation, blast, etc) 3 per AT.


Blast and Magnetic are a bit tricky because once inflicted, the damage is done, in the case of magnetic, you still could use a clean screen of disruption and maybe give 25 energy on use. In the case of Blast, it could be an instant handspring and 3 seconds immunity to knockdown.


I would put these two separated, one on each AT, because I consider they are more annoying than the other 4 advanceds.


High level AT: lapis. This one would nullify the physical procs, like impact, puncture, slash.


Uber AT: vermillion. Ridiculous to craft, but would nullify every and all kinds of proc, grant 10 seconds of proc immunity and heal you completely (not shields tho)


I think this is pretty fair and gives them a good use and a reason to go back to earth for plant scans.

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Health Restores already give us a reason to go back to Earth for plant scans.

Not when you can buy them in packs of 10 and cost less to build from the market. Plus those do not cancel lasting procs.

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