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Are We Really The Good Guys?


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DE said multiple times that dark sector and warframe are different universes. 


Actually, they said they share the same universe but that the time span between the events between Dark Sector and Warframe is so great that they are barely related to each other except for a few obscure references.


In other words, Hayden Tenno happened sometime in the 20th century.... but Warframe might be something along the 30th, 40th or 50th century, if not further in to the future. The nomination of Warframe users are "Tenno" might merely be honorific to the Hayden Tenno person but related only to the purpose that person had (as in, a changed person by an uncomprehensible force or biological ailment which was then weaponized) rather than every Tenno coming from Hayden Tenno, especially since the Tenno of now gained their abilities from the void and then being put in Warframes, not from a man-made infection back on Earth.

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We all know the story. We have woken from cryo sleep, and being the guardians of the solar system, we are once again called upon to defend it from the bad guys that threaten it.


But what if the Corpus and Grineer aren't really the bad guys? What if Lotus is the bad guy, and the Tenno are just her pawns?


If you don't know already, the Tenno were created by the Orokin to be supersoldiers in the war against the Sentients (taken from Excalibur's codex entry). We also know that Lotus was around during the war, as she mentions flashbacks about guiding a Tenno in a Mirage frame that was fighting the Sentients (talked about during quest for Mirage).


Because Lotus is there for every Warframe, maybe she was an AI that was created to help us. But what if Lotus got corrupted? In the series Red vs Blue (by Rooster Teeth), there are AI that were made to help the soldiers, but some went psycho and would take over the user and control them, using them to kill others.


After winning the war against the Sentients, all the Tenno supposedly decided to murder their Orokin masters that were celebrating their victory (Stalker's codex entry). But what if the Tenno really didn't do it? What if it was the corrupt Lotus AI that took over the frames, using them to kill the Orokin. And when the Tenno came to and realized what had happened, they locked themselves in cryo pods to prevent the Lotus AI from taking over again and killing more peolpe.


Years later, the Lotus has probably found a way to open these cryo pods. Because of how long the Tenno have been in cryo sleep, they have forgotten everything. So Lotus tells them that there is a new enemy: the Grineer and Corpus. Because the Tenno don't know anything other than what is being told to them right now, they go along and follow Lotus.


Now the Grineer and Corpus are hunting the Tenno, not because they are being evil, but because they are trying to stop them from wiping out their race. Sure there are some evil people within the Corpus and Grineer (Alad V, Captain Vor, etc), but in general they really aren't the bad ones. It's the Lotus that is the bad guy, and the Tenno that are the threat.


What are your thoughts on it?


Directed by M. Night Shamaylan, clearly.

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