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Wtt / Wts. Prices Listed (In Plat And Fusions), Parts And Mods

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Looking For the following (not buying for plat, sorry).


Dakra Prime:



Ember Prime:



Fang Prime:




Orthos Prime:



T4 MD Keys


Lex Prime & Glaive Prime:

Looking for set or any pieces, not buying for plat and not paying some full set markup. Thanks.


TRADING OR SELLING THE FOLLOWING: (P = plat, RF = rare fusion core, UF = unc fusion core, CF = common):


Bo Prime:

Ornament - 5P or 3RF


Boar Prime:

BP - 5P or 3RF

Stock - 2P or 2UF


Boltor Prime:

Barrel - 2P or 2UF



Akbronco BP - 2P or 2UF

Bronco Barrel - 2P or 2UF


Braton Prime:

BP - 5P or 3RF


Frost Prime:

BP - 3P, 2RF or 3UF

Chassis - 1P or 1UF

Helm - 5P or 3RF


Latron Prime:

Receiver - 5P or 3RF

BP - 1P or 1UF

Barrel - 1P or 1UF


Mag Prime:

Chassis - 2P or 2UF

Helm - 2P or 2UF


Paris Prime: 

BP - 5P or 3RF

Lower Limb - 1P or 1UF

String - 2P or 2UF


Rhino Prime:

Systems - 10P


Reaper Prime:

BP - 1P or 1UF

Handle 1P or 1UF


Siccarus Prime:

Barrel - 1P or 1UF


Rhino Arcane Vanguard Helm - 160P



Arrow Mutation - 10P

Coiling Viper - 7P or 2P + 3RF

Constitution - 10P or 5P + 3RF

Continuity - 10P 

Focus Energy - 10P or 5P + 3RF

Ice Storm - 5P or 3RF

Master Thief - 5P 

Rending Strike - 7P or 2P + 3RF

Stunning Speed - 7P or 2P + 3RF

Physique - 10P

Thunderbolt - 10P


Post here and I will contact you or add me ingame or pm me ingame. But if you are looking to haggle or work out something more complex or trade me for things other than fusions or plat PLEASE POST HERE. I don't want to take up time playing warframe negotiating prices, I'm fairly certain my listings are quite fair if they aren't post that you think they aren't.


I can max any mod for additional plat, just ask.

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