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Mouse Macro Question



Started using this option for semi auto pistols the other day and it got me curious.


Read a few times across many video games that semi auto weapons (or similar mechanics like magic casting) can be bad because you're limited to the fps between firing rounds.-not sure of the validity of that but i'll assume it's true.


Anyway, to ensure that you never miss a potential trigger pull, you'd want to set a macro to have a frequency of twice the fps or 1/2 the period of the frames per sec. (to satisfy nyquist criterion)


I for one cap'ed the game to run at 30 fps for various reasons. This would mean I should be using a macro to spam at 60hz or ~16.7ms.


If I set the macro to 15ms, would this ever cause an issue? Like que'ing up too many commands and just causing further lag or something?


Is this drastically overkill since semi-automatic pistols don't even get closed to 30 rounds / sec?

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