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Interesting Attributes Of Builds!

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I dont know if many have notice, but when you equip mods with different elemental properties. It creates a new property. My favorite is when you use an electrical and fire mod. To get a "Radiation" attribute. With "Radiation" (if you use a status chance mod) when a enemy is hit with it, it will make that enemy turn on other enemies. The downside is that if you are close to that enemy he will still shout at you. The upside to this is if you use a weapon that hits multiple targets(i.e. Amprex, Penta, ect.). They will all turn on each other. This is good crowd control, and help when dealing with hard to kill mobs.

Here's what I use to get "Radiation":

Primary Weapon: High Voltage mod(gives status chance and electric dmg) and Hellfire mod

Secondary Weapon: Jolt mod( status chance & electric) and Heated Charge mid

Melee Weapon: Voltaic Strike mod (same as above) and Molten Impact mid

Of course you're gonna fill up all mod slots and use fusion cores to upgrade all mods your using. I know there are more interesting attributes like "Gas" and "Magnetic". I just wanted to share this with those who may not have noticed it. Also, I wanted to see if anyone else found any interesting attributes they have found, and their affects on enemies.

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