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Clan Dojo - Unable To Have More Than 2 Players At Once



I dunno if this is made this way or a bug or what it is..But I have a shadow clan with 21 members...everyone has hosting available in their ranks so they can enter the dojo on their own.


Now when it comes to joining any player's dojo session we can't fit more than 2 persons.


It doesn't matter who or what rank is the host, it won't let more than 2 people be inside the dojo.


We have tried with 10 members all possible combinations of hosting and order joining during the past 2 days and it has been impossible to have more than 2 players at once in the dojo, no mater who hosted or who joined. 


we all can join every player hosting but when one player joins no more players are allowed to enter the dojo or create their own dojo sessions



I don't know if this is a game feature and dojo is limited for 2 or a bug or something wrong in our clan but I'd like to have some help on the issue.


I remember back in time joining a clan where more than 30 players were inside dueling and doing all sort of things all at once in the same room.


So why can't my dojo have more than 2 players inside? is there anything I'm missing?

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