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Crewman Sleeping While Shooting.


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Dammit , this is how Larry got stuck in the Infested Tank. Sleeping on the Job , and now  he's dead D:


 Poor Infested Larry.




Wait, don't you mean Supra-Coffee? That's right. I went there.
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This may sound odd but this type of thing makes it harder for me to actually want to fight the Corpus.


I read something a long time ago about how being able to see the humanized face of your opponent makes you less likely to aggressively assault them. But when they're behind their helmets, it's easier. They lack basic humanity in perception and thus you feel less guilt for attacking/killing.


This thread just makes me feel like a jerk though. Look at these dudes. They sleep and cut steaks like everyone else! They're... not so different from us.


::sniffles and loads a clip:: Why. ; ;

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