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Same Kubrow Breed, But Look Totally Different


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Does anyone else think that its a bit of a stretch on common sense that the same BREED can look completely different...and I am not talking about fur patterns/colors I mean the body type. From what I understand from the codex there each breed looks completely different except for the Sunika and the Sahasa (which looks like a slimmer version of the Sunika) but the other two are noticeable, the Huras' body looks something like a fox while the Raksa is a bulky Kubrow. Now I know this is a video game and some rules are broken to make things fun but think about it it sucks for those that want to have at least one of each body type without relying on the RNG God and having to spend so many credits(or plat) and time hunting for eggs to eventually get the four body types and/or breeds. Its even worse for those who would like to have all four breeds with the codex correct body type. IMO I think that DNA Imprints should exist to make it so if u want to mix a body type with a specific breed. An example would be Imprint A is for body type and imprint B is for Breed. What does the rest of my fellow warframe community think about all of this? (Not bashing DE just throwing an idea out there) :)  



EDIT: Others make a valid point that they are temperaments not breeds, but I would like to point out that when you label such temperaments with names it begins to feel like a breed hence why many players have been using the term breed when referring to the temperament of a kubrow...also for the most part breeds are known to have certain temperaments...like how Pitbulls are known to love to swing on ropes from trees

  or how beagles like to howl (not like a wolf obv) and are known as hunting dogs ect ect    Edited by Lorthan
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i agree with op totally.


if they are going to allow multiple body types amongst personality types, we should get fur/body type/temperament imprints. 


yah. 3 imprints. i said it. 


i wouldnt mind still only making two imprints per kubie.


in this way would trading imprints become super legit

in this way would being a mad scientist become super legit

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