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Rhino Prime Drop Locations


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Hey guys it's what the title says.
I'm searching for the Rhino Prime Drop Locations.
Is anyone able to tell me where i can find these?
I've been looking for the parts, but no success.
I know it's in the void somewhere.
I tried to play  Tower II Extermination, but i got a Ember Prime instead.
Are the locations of the drop changed?
If not can someone tell me where to find them?

Thanks in advanced

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Blueprint Void Tower III Exterminate / Tower IV Exterminate



Helmet Void Tower I Mobile Defense / Tower II Mobile Defense / Tower IV Defense [Wave 15+]




Chassis Void Tower III Survival [Rotation C] / Tower IV Survival [Rotation B]




Systems Void Tower I Defense [Wave 15+] / Tower II Exterminate

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