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(Ps4) New Clan Casual And Mature Looking For Members From Ages 13 And Up.


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Clan Name: Knight Shade.


Hello. We are a new clan and are looking for members. We have a nice Dojo setup and are looking for people to help build it up! as of right now our Dojo has (Also please remember we are a new clan) 


Halls: All Halls but the grandest hall.


Labs: Chem lab - Tenno lab - Orokin lab. (We are currently grinding for formas to build other labs we have all the spaces for them just need the forma for them) 


Reactors: Plenty for now and planing on building more. 


And has for buildings like the the "Dueling Room" and "Observatory" and "Temple of Honor" we do not have them, but we have planned out where they are going to be at. We will start to build them after we get the Labs done. 


Leaders/Co leaders 


Leader: Cdarkify 


Co leaders: RezsGaming - Dj-recon56 


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