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Okay first off, this question I'm about to ask is a simple yes or no question. If you answer yes to the following question truthfully, you can just not read the rest, but if the answer is no, please continue reading.


Is this weapon overshadowed by almost every other primary weapon available or is it just a weapon you MUST put forma and potato into to make it even average?


I cannot see how this thing is a clantech weapon, this thing feels like a rank 3 unlock to be completely honest. After seeing all the awesomeness from clan weapons, and then I was thinking, hell yeah crossbow time this should be awesome, I was 100% disappointed. Why is this clantech? No really, WHY?


Is there some super hidden mod setup that unlocks the true potential of this weapon?

Is it MANDATORY to use a potato and several forma on this thing before it's even halfway usable?

Is it a weapon I am using completely wrong?

Is it a weapon to help stave off power creep?


So confused. I wasted a forma making this thing and I'm still just struggling to enjoy using it. I love crossbows in games. I was a huge huge huge fan of the Buriza-do Kyanon, and after I used that thing I was like "forget bows, crossbows are AWESOME"


And then I ran into Attica.


Is this just another underpowered weapon to avoid serious power creep or does it need serious investment to make it even tolerable to carry? Or should I just give up entirely once it's 30?

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When this item came out, parts of the community clamoured to get it buffed or at least changed.  That hasn't happened yet.


If DE wanted to make this weapon decent, they have all the posts about the Attica from yesteryear, including one made by me.  Until then the Attica is nothing more than mastery fodder.

Edited by DalaiLlama
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Potato'd it and loldisappointed.


Attica has


Decent base damage

Very poor firerate

Very poor Mag size.

Very poor reload time

Very poor accuracy

Very poor projectile travel time

Very poor SFX

and since it's a projectile weapon, if you shoot it at point blank, there's a chance the bolt won't hit and just goes right into the ground.


At last it has a decent crit chance! With a rather low crit multiplier.


Everything about it is bad. The design is the only thing attractive about it.

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I completely understand what you're going through. I made it and said 'screw you' to my clanmates who warned me against it. I've had no luck even getting close to having it viable for anything approaching endgame.


The statistics behind the Attica are underwhelming to say the least. The small mag size can't be counteracted much with rifle mods which take up space where you could be having a damage or other utility mod. The reload time is painful even with Fast Hands. The firerate is comparable to the Latron, but the two weapons are ostensibly on different tiers - clantech and early-game market. And the damage... while it'll reasonably get you through the solar map up until Jupiter unmodded, it's really nothing to be proud of, even with maxed damage, elemental, and damage support mods. I found that with a maxed Serration, Split Chamber and Bane of Grineer, I was hard-pressed to kill heavies with less than two hits on Apollodorus 15 minutes, if that clears the context you're lacking. It's more or less on the same level as the Latron, but with more drawbacks for typical Warframe combat.


Thematically, the weapon is a disaster. Crossbows are meant to fire projectiles faster than traditional ballistics, sure, but surely faster than bows? Not so. The projectile speed is a deal breaker in fast combat, and even in 'stealth', it more often than not misses patrolling enemies from over 30 metres when they change direction. The projectile drop is far more than I'd expect compared to the Dread or Paris Prime, too. It's also not stealth. Firing has a sound, which alerts enemies, and I find that a bit incongruous with the fact that it's a crossbow -  sure, moving parts and stuff, but it alerts enemies the way an exploding Penta round doesn't? That... is a killer.


There are

to make the Attica viable in mid-game, but the statistics and small utility defects such as projectile speed and drop, reload, and stealth, keep it from being a weapon you want to invest in if you're strapped for resources. The alternatives are many. Edited by Vastaren
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Well with mirage+attica doesnt need a buff, but i think there should be a Attica prime since it is a tenno weapon instead of a base stat buff for regular attica. Attica already is pretty OP, just make sure split chamber is there


Mirage makes any weapon good especially if client-side bug happens


And if Attica with Split Chamber is OP, then other weapon and actual bows are pretty broken then.

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this question I'm about to ask is a simple yes or no question


Is this weapon overshadowed by almost every other primary weapon available or is it just a weapon you MUST put forma and potato into to make it even average?

That's not a yes or no, that's a this or that! >:O

That said, yeah attica is bad. Just bad.

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potato always. but forma is an issue with everything


because there is no "underclocking" the mods you need to add forma to other weapons you want because once you max out a mod theres no going back and maxing several to different levels is just a waste of time.


I like the attica and potatoed it. i havent formaed it because i can live with 7/8 mod slots filled. Itll probably stay that way as the attica isnt a favorite weapon so i dont feel the need to forma.


I formaed my detron 5 times because i like it and use it with a frequency high enough to warrant a high forma count.

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attica sux : /


right now its just expensive master points.


with a potato a max dps build on it is around 2500dps. with full forma build its around 5500, about on par with the braton............


i have an active thread on this topic as well.

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