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Raksa Pup Misleading


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As a pup the Kubrow was a bulky furball then when it matures its skinny... like anemic skinny.

Just cause its a female Raksa should not make it skinnier or less bulky, muscle is the whole idea behind that breed right? FIX IT.


 I do not want to get rid of my female kubrow just so to find a new egg build a new energy cell and get MALE Raksa imprints AND THEN wait 3 days for it to hatch and mature into what a Raksa should look like.

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All Pupbrows are little poofy furballs. It's when they mature they change.

That's right.


The raksa have more mass as pups then other breeds.

Is that a theory or something? Unless you can prove it.

so... screenshot or it didn't happen!


edit: I have had 2 raksa pups so far, 1 huras and 1 sahasa. all teh pups looked the same when it comes to size. only the fur/gender/breed is different.

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Adult kubrow body builds are not limited by breed. I have a Raksa, Sunika and Huras all with the same fluffy feet build. Another sunika who is the biggest beefy/chunky/chubby build and another sunika who is basically as average as it can get. My friend's Raksa is an average build. I have also not seen any difference in any of my pups other than color and pattern. 

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