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Found Unknown Space Station/platform! Might Be Related To Some Kind Of Testing Ground.


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Today while playing on Survival on Mercury, Apollodorus...  After the game started and I spawned.  I was confused because my whole squad had arrived on some sort of platform in space...  and in space I mean we could jump off the platform into the abyss of outer space...  On the platform there was 3 doors... spaced apart.  Maybe like 1 or 2 dojo hallway lengths... The doors had the lotus symbol on them.  When we went near the door it opened but right behind the door was a light blue shield with particles... Type of shield I haven't seen in-game before.  It looked like it could be some kind of Tenno door way shield.  Behind the shield was a hallway that led to another door.  On the minimap I could see the door led to a hallway leading to the other hallway behind the second door...  Imagine the shape of a square without a bottom line.  That's how the hallways were shaped.  For the 3'rd door... I think it was just a straight hallway, if memory serves me right.   Anyway the tileset looked like something i've never seen before.  There were these isosceles trapezoid shaped blocks with opened vents on both sides scattered across the platform.  And these large ramps that led to small platforms with Lotus consoles next to them.  Like the one in our spaceships.  On the side facing out into space there was this large antenna facing horizontally.  On each side there were huge walls.  Very tall.  We were all puzzled by this find.  There were also tall box shaped electrical things everywhere and a couple broken off the platform laying on its side.  The whole station/platform thing was surrounded by a shield...  I could tell because when we shot our weapons into space it would hit a shield and show a weird shockwave type thing.  My Kubrow was there and I was able to use weapons and abilities.


Sorry I have no video or picture... I was too busy trying to get my screencapture program running when I heard Warframe log me out for some reason... -.-"  


There were three other people with me.. One said he took a screen shot.  if you see this post or anyone else who have experienced this. Post some pictures!  I'll tell you if it was what I seen or not.  If you have any information on this please feel free to explain what you have!   I honestly think it was Lotus's.  No doubt.

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