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Should This Hold Me Till End Game ?



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Depends on if you like the weapons. 


Sure, Weapon A may not go as far into end-game as Weapon B, but if you like Weapon A, you would still say to yourself that it can go into end-game farther than Weapon B. 


So, do you like your loadout?

Supra,Detron,and a machete. Sure not the most powerful, but I look damn good.

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Everything can be cleared solo with those including T4 as long as we don't include long defense and survival. (All you really need for that is the Soma with potato in it)


Soma is pretty derp easy enough to use and with mods it will go far. If you also Forma'd it enough and add Ammo mutation to it after getting the crit, crit damage, serration, caliber and some element in it. You should be able to last up to 35-40 minutes in T4 before Heavy Gunner eat too much of your ammo you can't really get it back up fast enough with Gear being too annoying and risky to use as camping is even dangerous with them Plasma Grenades around.


Bo will need to be upgraded if you want to use Life Strike so you can actually heal without having to rely on other people healing you.


Frost is ehhhhhhh.. if you trust your gun skill then any frame will work. The low speed and clunkiness might make it hard though.

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Why not?


Played around with correctly, Detron can still take you up to T3, Supra up to T2, Machete up to T2/T3. 

Really? Im only 1 forma in on the supra and the detron. Im not gonna lie, I thought the Detron was just bad(unless it's on high level grineer) and the supra had promise. However the machete I though was just a lost cause lol

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Really? Im only 1 forma in on the supra and the detron. Im not gonna lie, I thought the Detron was just bad(unless it's on high level grineer) and the supra had promise. However the machete I though was just a lost cause lol



Detron even without modding can clear T3 things with a bit of ease. 


Just Add Cold and Corrosive damage (balance of CC and damage support), then add on Hornet Strike and Barrel Diffusion. Add Suppress for stealth Void runs, and if you really are inaccurate with it, Pistol Ammo Mutation (since the fire rate is quite high). 


For Supra (No Forma), same thing with Cold and Corrosive damage, Serration and Split Chamber. For one Forma (preferably V), add either Stabiliser Rank 1 (enough for accuracy) or Rifle Ammo Mutation (for spraying). 


For Machete, same thing with Cold and Corrosive damage, Sundering Strike (get extra mod points), Pressure Point, Reach and your choice of channeling mods (efficiency and other effects and such). 


They will clear out at least T2 missions quite easily. 

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Personal reccomendation on how to get endgame stuff:


Rhino is all you will ever need. 

Simply put, a Rhino is an Excalibur on steroids.

Yes, yes, I am well aware that trinity can and will outtank a Rhino



Rhino is the better crowd controller in endgame stuff:


Here is a loadout for a Rhino:

Primary: Ogris, modded for maximum damage and damage radius and improvement on charging speed


Secondary: You won't need one


Melee: Dragon Nikana, because reasons (try getting Tranquil cleave for it)


Mods for the rhino:

(you need a red potato for this)

Maxed rhino abilities except for rhino charge


If possible, get the Vigor nightmare mod and max it. That should give your shields enough of a boost to last long enough if your Iron skin wears off to get enough energy to reactivate it again


The rest?

Power strenght, range, efficiency and resist for energy damage.



How to use it? 

Spam the missiles as much as you can and if S#&$ hits the fan in high tier survival missions:


1) Roar. This, combined with Power strengh should give your power damage a huge bonus

2) STOMP. trust me, with a maxed power range mod and the previously applied buff from roar that one will pretty much clean the room of any enemies and the enemies that are not dead yet are conveniently hangin in the air to be picked off with your Ogris (or the Dragon Nikana, whatever you prefer)

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Like most people here have said, it is entirely up to you.

Soma is a great weapon if used right. As long as you don't spray and waste ammo, you can keep it relatively full of ammo and finish most if not all planets with it and probably beyond. If you can't help but use it as a machine gun, getting hold of ammo mutation for rifles might be a good mod for you.

Stug is just a blast. It's a unique aoe pistol. I can see it being extremely useful as a side arm. Just don't expect it to save you in a pinch, takes a sec for the balls to explode. Might want to check out an alternative side arm if primary runs out too quickly, akboltos are probably one of the best non prime sidearm that's easily accessible. Hefty dual pistols if modded right and accurate sidearm.

Bo, as long as you like it, it should take you places. If you like that kind of weapon, prime variation is better but harder to build. I personally dual anything, heat swords (aoe slam), dual zoren (high crit and copter (not sure but i don't think they're faster than any of the other fast dual weapons for travel distance), dual ichors (toxic and high crit but harder to get unless your clan researched it) and such. If you like fast one weapons, most of the prime variants are good. Dakra, Bo or Orthos (can't remember if it's also good for fast travel) primes are good choices. Orthos I think is most common prime weapon I see people using.

For easy attained gear, I would go with valkyr (can be set up to be in semi permanent hysteria to survive most if not all fights), soma (if higher mastery) or paris (bow - can take out a cluster of mobs 2 ways - charged knocks back the target and it causes damage to whoever is behind him and thunderbolt; arrow has a chance to explode if lower mastery), bolto/akbolto (simple, easy, strong) or akstiletto (needs research, spray and pray and ungodly fast reload) and for main weapon anything that's fast until zorens or ichors (one of the better weapons for valk).

Personally, if I was going to pick an end game load out, I would be using Trinity (almost immortal build), boltor prime (primary), Stug (forthelulz) or despair (silent if used right for stealth kills) or akboltos (pure power and semi auto), and dakra prime or dual ichors/zoren for speed crits (fastest drain in energy too if you're channeling). This is of course my opinion. Hope this helps.

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