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Zeroes everywhere, anyone else kind of find these a little annoying?

I mean they aren't truly, gut-wrenchingly annoying but when I spray into a cloud of infested, my eyes are met with zeroes upon blue zeroes.


All of those blue zeroes can't be that necessary, I mean I realize that its there to indicate that I am not dealing damage but I'd rather they didn't show up at all.

They weren't always in the game, they came in with the prosecutors. Could we have these taken away again, or would this just be too insignificant to change?

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Guest Shibboleet

0's can be displayed for a variety of reasons since U14?.

1. Immune spot being hit registers as a 0 to inform the player that they are doing 0 damage.

2. Elements not proccing with a high enough damage to deal higher than .5 damage

or 3. Elements proccing on a weakpoint boss and ticking on their chest.



While (1) could be solved by spouting 'Immune', it would also cause a lot of screen clutter.

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