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Proposing Changes To Pvp Dark Sectors


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As of right now, Attackers on Solar Rails have a big advantage when it comes to matchmaking, because they are free to attack whenever, because of spectres, but defenders have to wait for a squad of opponents to actually participate. I propose that this changes, with both sides having to wait for participants for it to be fair. However, to make it so defenders cannot just not fight, I propose that the rail decays over time, and that for every defense victory, the rail is repaired, and for every offense victory, the rail is further damaged. Because Rail Conflicts take place over 12? hours, I propose that the rail decays at a rate of 0.1388% per minute, or 8.33% an hour, so if theoretically no one participates, the rail would decay over 12 hours. However, the defenders would not lose the rail unless at least a set number of matches took place, to prevent the attacking side from abstaining from matching at all.


Secondly, I propose that the objective of defense, rather than getting 20 frags on players, is changed to something else, perhaps a time limit. This would make things such as people joining offense and intentionally feeding so offense loses less viable, and that alongside that, if this has not already been implemented, an attacking alliance/clan member cannot choose to support the defense side and vice-versa, to further discourage feeding.


Thanks for reading.

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