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Been A While, Couple Questions.



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Theres better crit weapons then soma now, Soma i still good


Mirage is amazing, Zelphra is ok(good agility/parcore) and hyrdoid is ok too(a water caster)


New UI, Kubrows came out, and also new quests, start vors prize, then kill jackal, new tile sets, new damage system, new mastery level boss scaling, gustag 3, the harvester. Jupiter has a new tile set, Eris is now all infested along with Hivemind, Wyrm Pirme, helios, Loki Prime, Rhino Prime, Ankyros Prime, Sliva and Aegis, Bo Prime, Lex Prime, Boltor Prime, Amprex, Phage, bascailly new clan weapons and new labs ,New Player Ship. This a mix of U12 - U14. You can find U14 update stuff on the forums easily. Lots of bugs right now. Oh and dark sectors is now on and theres red crit that can apply on headshots. Like a crit proc.

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1:PvP is now on conflicts

2:Player ships(Of course)

3:RadioFrame(Finish your ship and you can listen to the radio!!!)

4:Get mirage(Or not if you hate squishies)



1:Soma is the 2nd best rifle in the game, being only good for its range and crit, boltor prime is now the best.

2:Rhino prime and Loki prime has been released, being the first primes to have a stat increase

3:Lots of changes and fixes, check DE reports for that.

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