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Wts Both Imprints Of Raksa Kubrow. Bid Starting At 75 Plat.

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Hello, I have both of the genetic imprints available for sale for this kubrow.


Starting bid is 25 platinum.


NOTE! This is just for the GENETIC IMPRINTS!

I am NOT selling him.



Current top Bid: N/A



Bidding Ends on Wednesday at 5:00PM CDT (3:00 Pacific, 4:00 Mountian, 5:00 Central, 6:00 Eastern)




Coat Shape: Spots/similar to leopard, on the back and on legs.

Coat Colors: Black-light grey (common colors) [Full body, legs and back]. With slight orange (rare color) [Feet/wrists, chest, neck] 

Eye color: Yellow

Build: Medium, Half muscular/skinny

Type: Raksa

Sex: Male





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Now,you disappoint me,it's not like your kubrow has lotus pattern or rare colors,it doesn't even have stripes,

So,based on those things,your kubrow imprints( grey and black one) isn't worth 75 plat, I would say it's worth around 35-40 plat

Check your prices next time :)

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