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Rank 11 Test Solution For All (Rank Test 8 Solution Added Too)



I spent almost six months at rank 10, my control of the game is just not good enough to complete this test as intended, maybe it is my age 40 years of actual gaming and in my prime many holidays spent with twitch based games in  arcades.


I get that we are suposed to be space ninja but in reality this test has become a barrier to a lot of players I expect to get a lot of hate from those who worked at this test and did it the intended way, you have every right to be annoyed.


Is it an exploit ?

No, DE gave us these warframes with different abilities and unless they turn off ability usage in this test then it is just thinking outside the box, just like on certain tests you can use switch teleport and rip line.


Here is the solution.


Obtain Zephyr

Level said warframe until you can fit max constitution and continuity plus max tail wind.


As the test begins turn to your right in the distance you will see a platform that is the end point of the test. Look up up at an angle above that platform until you can just see it at the bottom of your screen, Hit your jump key and then tail wind twice.


You will land on that platform and complete it or sail over it and still complete.


To me it felt like a hollow win, kudos to me for thinking outside the box but up until now in games I have always tried to play games in a way that I believe the developers intended, I never go looking for exploits or work arounds, take pride in beating a game on the developers terms.


This rank test was lessening my enjoyment of the game, I have calculated that I have enough xp saved up to do at least another 5-6 ranks lol.


Rank 8 test is another one that can become a barrier to anyone without good skills.

Equip Loki  (energy syphon aura) decoy + switch teleport.

I can not remember this test accurately it was a while ago but you can basically switch teleport to the edge of the wall run segment (takes a few goes and time to let your energy regen) but you can using loki complete the test with dropping your decoy by the person scan section that lights up the next part.


Yes it is a little finicky and you can spent literally 10 minutes getting the perfect place for your decoy where he will not just fall through.


BTW what I do class as exploits and against the rules is those that suggested I found a trusted warframe player gave them my username and password to allow them to do these tests for me, at a very basic level this is against the rules and any test in a game that needs that as a solution needs to change.

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You know the wiki has the fast way through the mastery ranks, but rank 13, but this post is very nice, very helpful :D they have been changing tests around btw, this may not apply in the future, the zeplhra passing through tests keeps on gettting fixed on higher mastery ranks, like mastery rank 13 test. Never use zelphra on that, and 10 will probally be patched.


EDIT: Note to readers, get to mastery rank 10 fast, this post is awsome, before it gets patched.

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