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Have Adult Kubrow But The Quest Asks Me To Go Find An Egg


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UPDATE - It seems that completing the quest to find an egg, unlocks the collar quest (at least it did so for me). It's not really a solution to the problem, but for those who can't wait for the fix to this, it might work.



So this is my second kubrow (first one is still a puppy in stasis because I had to leave a couple of days so I farmed another egg to hatch in that time).

The egg hatched nicely, a sunika puppy came out, after 2 resets it grew up, but when I went to get the quest for the collar from the codex, it sent me Earth - E Prime to get another egg instead.


Now, I will probably go and try to farm another egg to see if this gets me on the right track (but I'm not too keen on the idea, knowing I have a full grown kubrow waiting for me to take it into battle).

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My second kubrow matured, it started loosing life in the incubator. But I have no idea how to make it equipable, I suppose I need a collar for it but I don't have the quest. Can't restart the kubrow quest since I already completed it.

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