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Make Missions For Quest Scripted Rather Than Randomized


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I was just a bit worried because some of the missions during the Vor's Prize quest were randomized (I think). If the maps are randomized, I think quests should start becoming maps made specifically for the quest.

This is just what I think. I'm sure there are players who don't care if it's randomized. Besides, what if there eventually became such things as... Warframe speedruns? Lol, probably unlikely, but that would be impossible if the maps were random and not consistent.

The first tutorial mission was not randomized, and I don't think any other mission in quests should be either.

I'm sure quests like the kubrow egg one is fine with being randomized since it's dealing with an RNG drop anyways.

Just my feedback on the Vor's Prize questline, I enjoyed everything else while playing it.

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