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Dark Sector & Warframe Both Have A 66 Meta-Critic Score.


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It's irrelevant to me whether Warframe is P2W given its PVE focus.  People can spend as much as they want and it doesn't affect me except in the rather rare instance that someone is so super-OP at killing stuff that I'm not having any fun at all... and said person may have earned everything the hard way.  You can't really know!


Also IMO, the simplest definition of P2W would be "If a player can pay for an advantage, then it's P2W".  I think people are trying to tailor a definition so Warframe doesn't fit it, because the way DE runs Warframe is quite fair and commendable in that virtually everything besides cosmetics can be obtained by playing the game and trading.  But it's hard to argue that a player that buys the latest, most powerful gear, and uses credit and affinity boosters does not have an advantage over the person that has to, for example, trade away valuable prime parts to buy gear slots and boosters and such.

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To me, a game is P2W when buying something with real world money makes you STRONGER than the guy who doesn't pay.

Convenience isn't P2W. Reducing time isn't P2W (unless it gives you a real advantage in like say strategy games). Vanity items defnitely aren't P2W. Additional weapon or warframe slots? Nope, just convenience.

If you could buy additional mod slots for plat, AND there was no way to get plat other than buying it with RL cash, now THAT would be pure P2W.

But as long as you can either earn the "premium currency" ingame, or get the same item as a buyer through somewhat reasonable grinding or farming (reasonable NOT meaning a 0.5% drop chance) its simply not P2W.


Case in point: Shaiya. Its years that i touched that game, so i don't know if its all still true.

In Shaiya you could buy (for RL cash) buff potions called Nostrums. These Nostrums could buff a variety of stats by a serious amount. Plus 95% crit rate kind of serious. Pretty much P2W even in a PvE game. Unfortunately also Shaiya has a very strong PvP focus. And a Nosser (a guy who uses Nostrums...) is virtually unbeatable in one-on-one PvP. And no amount of grind, farm or skill can make up for the massive advantage the Nosser has, you come across one solo, you either run or die. I've seen Nossers take on teams of 2 or 3 players and stomp them. P2W in its purest form.

The second i realized how that system works i was out of there, deinstalled, and never looked back.



Regarding the topic of so called critics, they are a form of lowlife thats best ignored.

I've reached a point where a critic ripping apart a movie is like a "must see" badge for me...

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This is so true... I like the idea of kubrows, but the way it was delivered was so unprofessional!! =(


I had a kubrow i loved and they changed it on me, not only that but the breeding IS terrible.


I spent 90p because i couldn't trade for a blue lotus mark to mix with my black kubrow and guess what I get? BLUE SOCKS!!! LOL how does that even make sense?


Well then let's support what I propose here (shameless self-propaganda):




I've already 14 Kubrows in my fridge just for testing purposes and well... Didn't turn out too well... only for one Kubrow I got "tolerable" results.


That's why I'll quit wasting more time with them until DE considers the feedback or they will stay in the fridge forever after I ranked one of each type to 30... ^^

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The score will only rise once Warframe does the step from Beta to Release...because then all the big sites will take a 2nd look at it. But DE is not ready for that step yet.

More quests, the focus system, pvp balancing, factions and a few other promised things need to happen first.

You could expect a full release maybe around Christmas...then sites will take a 2nd look, re-rate and Metacritic will go up.(just think about how the game was when it first went Open....didn't even half 30% of the content it has today, also many flaws that the game initially had were wiped [like damage 1.0 and melee 1.0)...so there is no way they would still rate it the same.)

That is currently the only way ;p

EDIT: So if you guys want the score to rise...give as much feedback as you can to make this game as good as possible...so once it goes from Beta to Full release and the sites take a 2nd look they will be blown away.

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Personally I feel like Free to Play games (on the user score side of things) get off quite easily. For example if I played Runescape and I didn't like it I just wouldn't play it any more. It cost me nothing but a little time and I don't want to waste more time on it. But if I paid for a game (Shadowrun Returns) and it was garbage (it was) I would head over to metacritic and leave a review (I did) so other people might avoid buying that trash game.


You can see this with Warframe on metacritic if you look at the user reviews most of them are 10/10 positive reviews. Nothing useful in the reviews just GOOD GAME GOOD GAME. While the negative reviews are few and generally contain useful information like why they thought the game wasn't good. I'm sure more than 80 people have left the game because they find it extremely grindy, pay to win and just all round boring. But wasting more time on a Free to Play game writing a review isn't a good use of their time when you can just choose from any of the other 1,000 Free to Play games on the market.


If the game cost $10 I guarantee there would be hundreds or thousands of negative reviews telling people why they should not spend $10 on the game.


EDIT: Don't get me wrong I would rate this 6/10 still as a game. It is grindy but there is enough variety to keep things mildly interesting. The alerts are nice, except the ones with just a small cash reward.

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Honestly the 60s are from early reviews in beta but the actual player reviews are still a bit high. I'd put the game at a 74 about as the game is still a MMORPG format of no real goal and just grind and replay content that gets boring quickly due to its short term lastability.

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