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An Updated Look For The Strun, Lato, Lex, Boar Etc To Make Them Look More Tenno?

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These guns are apparently tenno.



They don't look tenno. Appart from some of the lotus branding they've got, I never would have guessed. Infact my theory at the moment is that these are either outdated corpus/grineer weapons or that they're red veil/human colonist weapons that have found themselves in the hands of the tenno.  




I think It'd be nice to see either (or a mixture of both) 


A: these weapons recieve a visual update, because they don't look as nice and don't fit in with the current tenno design. 

Lato, strun, boar, lex, burston, Bronco (the bronco looks slightly tenno, but it could realy just look nicer) 


B: these weapons are retconned into being outdated/Human colonist weapons. New, more tenno versions of the weapons are made (which are more powerful too) Because the tenno also independently made designs from orokin items. 


Lato, strun, boar, lex, Burston and braton. 

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I've always assumed they were reverse-engineered by the Corpus and Grineer. The reasoning behind their lowered effectiveness was that they wanted the weapons to be more easily mass produced since Forma is likely a precious resource. (I know the blueprints don't actually say it needs forma but considering the gilding, I'd imagine there's forma in all the primes)

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I always thought the Braton was Corpus manufactured...

It is, but I'm thinking it's an outdated corpus thing, since it's still spewing bullets. 



But since there's a Orokin braton, would it be unreasonable to suggest that the tenno can develop their own version from it, like they did with all their other weapons? 

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It's safe to say they were at some point, civilian weapons. Which would justify why they* lack the martial authority of the higher tier weapons. A colonist or law enforcer probably wouldn't need something shooting giant caliber exploding ammunition if he weren't dealing with robot ninjas on the day to day. What I -would- like, are more dangerous varients of these weapons (Like a longer barreled Braton with a box or drum magazine) beyond the standard branding of Vandal/Lotus. Maybe reverse engineered by specific mercenary or authority factions that are indigenous to the colonists/space farers that aren't associated with the other major players in the galaxy.

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