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Not Everyone Wants This Game To Be Harder!


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I will agree with you on Stalker, though. I've never had a positive Stalker experience when I'm soloing, and 80% of the time, that's when he shows up.

1000+ this


The Stalker and the Gustrag Three, seem to only appear while I soloing with my lowest ranked gear. And now, I'm marked by BOTH FACTIONS. Do I have to worry about the Harvester now too???

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+1 OP.  Choice and variety, are good qualities in a game, and so is fairness.  T4 is fun for me, but not everybody else.  Some people like easy and some people like hard, whatever that is supposed to mean.  Some people enjoy artificial difficulty and that is a good thing.  It's easy to accommodate all these different tastes.  The solar map is huge.

Right on, man. Good post!

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Only problem I have with stalker is how he works. I know he's supposed to be this scary guy, but unfair is just unfair. First time encountering a stalker I thought it will be an intense battle of me dodging, kiting parkouring around throwing stuff at him.  

Then he came, teleported his sword into my skull and left...


Which is part of the problem that stripped the fun out of the encounter (atleast for me), they simply added gimmicks that tanked player options until "pump damage into him until he dies" was all that was left, which is tedious.


Teleport and Dispel being the biggest offenders, particularly the former since it completely gimped the option to evade or really use the environment/level to your advantage. Hell, my most memorable encounters with him are those where I didn't personally kill him. As-is, he's barely different than mook #538091 except he's typically a bigger damage hose/sponge and has a different coat of paint. Same applies to G3/Harvey (the latter to a lesser extent, though I haven't seen him in a while).

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i agree very very strongly with the difficulty stuff like "Easy" "Normal" "hard" "krayzie" big +1.


sometimes you wanna test your limits , then there are days you feel like just mashing trough crowds of mobs ( *cough*dynasty warriors*cough* wich can be fun too.


( maybe this would be a idea to increase the spawnrate in survival missions based on difficulty chosen the other day i was doing a T3 surv with 2 friends and i was bassicly just running in the orokin halls echoing my name ( all empty xD ).


edit: giving it some serious thought however how will player a ( on easy ) play with player b ( lets hard mode) + player c( krayzie mode) and on, will cause issue's or they could solve that i guess by making the host decide difficulty..

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Honestly tho, the infested needed a buff. They were just mindless bullet sponges before.

Thats where I think the buff has changed their role in the game. 

They were meant to be mindless bullet sponges, using swarming tactics to defeat players (an individual infested was meant to be a trivial threat to a fully armed Tenno) not next to invunerable killing machines.  The way they are now one has to wonder why the Oragin system isnt completly overrun by the physically superior and infinite infested horde, especially since only the finest warriors in the system (the Tenno) can defeat them reliably.


I like the changes for the most part, but changing anchients to be effectivly Scorpion eximus, im not sure was the best move overall.  Especially since they give little to no feedback on what the auras are even doing.


The stalker is a BAD example for anything. He is meant to kill you. That's the frigging point. He is supposed to show up when you are in your pajamas, drinking your hot coco, why would he always show up when you're wearing a tank? Working as intended.


I agree, but they put unique rewards on the stalker, which is saying you are meant to defeat him (this is an enemy you should never go looking for).  Personally I prefered when he didnt have loot, the reward for killing him was you didnt die (though I wouldnt have an issue if he droped non-unique loot, as thats less you have to kill him and more about 'well done you defended yourself against him').

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