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Huge Slow Down And Then Crash To Log-In When Fusing Mods


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Have tried 3 times since the new hotfix, to fuse mods.


Each time the UI has first become completely unresponsive,


Then gone to a white screen and (Not responding), which has frequently spread to other tabs.


Then finally crashes to log in screen. 

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Same thing has been happening to me, the UI went unresponsive after missions, which caused me to lose everything, it went unresponsive after editing my layout, which cause me to lose whatever changes I've made to my weapons, and sometimes it simply goes unresponsive after logging in.


This problem seems to be new tho, as I didn't encounter this unresponsive UI BullS when U14 was first launched.


And I think it already happened to me about 5-6 times in 2 days.

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