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Melee 2.0 Reconfiguration-Combo Cancels


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Not sure if anyone has learned about this or done it before, but I know that you can chain your combos after the previous combo, however that takes time, stamina, and control, so its pretty diffulcult. For all of the people who do have stances, then its best to pay attention to this, usually people like to just spam E but I like to use combos, so after DE released more combos for stances such as Crossing snakes and Swirling tiger, then thats when I learned about combo canceling, and that was probably around update 13.3, so I did this a bit too late. 


Combo canceling is the form of combining 2 different combos with a similar function together, making the first combo shorter and the 2nd combo the finisher, this is hard to pull off but deals more hits and damage to the enemy, and lets you change form quickly. Here is the list of stances that can be pulled off with combo canceling(From hardest to easiest).


1:Cleaving whirlwind

2:Eleventh storm

3:Tranquil cleave

4:Crossing snakes

5:Swirling tiger

6:Malicious raptor

7:Decisive judgment


-Stances that require confirmation for combo canceling

Clashing forest, burning wasp, homing fang, rending crane, seismic palm, crimson dervish, flailing branch, fracturing wind and sundering weave.


How to combo cancel

I wish I could record a video but I do not know how so I am just gonna show how to combo cancel. 

Combo cancel requirements:

1:Must have a "Hold" and "Pause" combo

2:Must have a set number of "Pre-hits" before entering combo(Pre-hits is the regular attack you use in melee, and when you pause or hold, it puts it into a new combo)

3:The two combos require only 5 keys or less


How to perform combo cancel: Combine two combos such as Malicious Raptor's stance, the first combo Wicked slash, the second combo, lethal clash.

To perform wicked slash is E pause EEEE

To perform lethal clash is E hold EE

You can see that both combos have the same number of pre-hits, 1 E, and that they are pause and hold, to combine them is to put the hold combo later and the pause first, so first combo is performed first, and second is performed last.


Ex. Wicked slashXLethal Clash= E (pause)(hold)EE

Thats our combined combo, and letting our first combo to be canceled and moving into the second, this is a basic combo canceling, very easy, now if you guys have malicious raptor, you should try it out.


Advanced combo canceling-

We will use decisive judgement since this is the easiest to use advanced combos.

So decisive judgment has 2 combo cancel moves, the first we will try is Consent Decree and Swift retribution-

Consent Decree is EE pause EE

Swift Retribution is E holdE

The two combos are not similar in anyway beside having the pause and hold effect, so to get around this is simple.

If the hold combo ends quicker than the pause combo, then the hold is placed right after the pause twice, this allows us to perform a double combo cancel, it is shown like this:

Consent DecreeXSwift Retributution-EE (pause)(hold)EE(hold)E(E) the (E) is used to continue the combo if you like.


And thats an advanced combo cancel. A second advanced combo cancel that Decisive judgment has is the right click.

Combo cancels are originally done by holding right click, allowing the player to spam the first hit easily, but if a combo requires a right click, than it can do an advanced combo cancel. We will use the second Decisive Judgement combo cancel: Consent Decree and Silent Acumen.

Consent Decree is EE pause EE

Silent Acumen is EE (right click/hold) EEE

To combo cancel this is very easy, but it restarts the combo so you can get into the second like normal:

Consent DecreeXSilent Acumen- EE(pause)(right click) EEE(E) the (E) is used to continue the combo.


Thats all for the tutorial in how to use combo cancels, here is the full list of combo cancels you can try out, please try to use them and test it for yourself, and don't try to complain about how stupid it is, if your are, then just leave this place.


Combo cancel list:


Consent DecreeXSilent Acumen- EE(pause)(right click) EEE(E) (Decisive judgment stance)


Consent DecreeXSwift Retributution-EE (pause)(hold)EE(hold)E(E) (Decisive judgement stance)


Sundered tuskXDrifting Stampede-EEE(UP)(hold)EE(this is very diffulcult don't do this)(Cleaving whirlwind stance)


Wicked slashXLethal Clash- E (pause)(hold)EE (Malicious raptor stance)


Winding clawsXDancing hunter-EE(pause)(hold)EEE (Swirling tiger stance)


Breathless lungeXBeyond reproach-EE(pause)(hold)EE(this gives swift proc chance)(Tranquil cleave stance)


Northern CoilXTwin Fang-EE(pause)(hold)EEE (Crosswing snakes stance)


Striking thunderXDiamond Deus-EE(pause)(right click)EEEEE(E) (this is diffulcult don't do this)(Eleventh storm stance)


Striking thunderXBide and Bleed-EE(pause)(hold)EE(hold)EEEE (Eleventh storm stance)

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