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Big Kubrow Auction, Take A Look Inside

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[auction open]

(going for a serious mood as both my english and fantasy are lacking atm)


current auction for all the following kubrows will start from now and terminate in the date 1st of august 2014 

you can place your biddings here or pm me if you wish to remain anonimous, current bids are for both imprints if you wish to purchase a single one contact me via pm.

as/if i aquire other imprints i'll add them on this auction


1st kubrow: Shadow


build: chubby

size: big 

colours: blue and brown(ish) with striped socks


starting bid: 100pl

buyout: 300pl

current bid: --


2nd kubrow: Basusu

type: huras

build: slim

size: medium

colors: grey and dark blue with black stripes all over the body


starting bid 150pl

buyout: 350pl

current bid: --


3rd kubrow: Nagata

type: sunika

build: slim

size: medium

colors: orange and blue foxlike

zVpSGFR.jpgsorry had to cut this one as 1990x900 pics take ages to upload with my connection

starting bid: 100pl

buyout: 300pl

current bid: --


4rt kubrow: Blade




colors: brown with black dotted socks


starting bid: 30plt

buyout: 200plt

current bid: --

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