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Kubrow Command Buttons


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I made another post mentioning this in another thread.


I think we need 2 or at least 1 command button for Kubrows. Lets say button....um.... Y on the keyboard. So Y key used on:


         Floor- Kubrow goes to that point.


         On already marked point - Kubrow goes back to following their respective Tenno.


(After a certain distance from the marked points, they should probably disappear and the kubrow should appear near their tenno.)


          Enemy- Priority target for kubrow, kubrow attacks that specific target.


Not sure if there should be a power button or just let their powers work as a passive so the player doesn't have to worry about casting kubrow abilities.




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-----------There should be a command button for Kubrows------------------

On this pointer, i agree completely... i want to see my Kubrow Sit and stay, or go target the unit i want him to.. so he stops spamming Sargas Ruk and wastin 1200 HP off of his 2100hp... every... time, i revive her >.>

for the sitting part, iguess it could be added as an Effect of "ctrl".. so when you crouch, so does your Kubrow? idk...

----------- skills activate passive or targeting?-------------------------------
well, right now their abilities actiates Passively... which is.. nice(?) .. but sometimes annoying.. example.. 

Huras is a Stealth type Kubrow... so it makes me QQ when mine rushes ahead (Special thanks to Stalk mod >.>) and tries to Assassinate an enemy... which fails and gets us found out. 

xD or better yet, in Exterminate mission, i bring a Raska Type Kubrow (Protector) and all he does is spamm Howl (which is nice and all.. if it didn't make all the enemies run away so far.. for Such a long time...)

SO i DO want to see some expanding of some for, but in reality, i'm having a BLAST of fun as soon as i just take off those mods~

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