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Derelict Freeze And Dc


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Hello there, 

ever since the update with derelict vaults, i have quite a problem with that tileset, it started only in capture missions but now its related to every derelict mission which has an extraction room ( so ODD is without problem).


What happens? Well, as I am about to enter the extraction room - door to that room are about to open -  my game freezes for about 10 sec. with the following:


1) If am a host, every other squad member is diconnected, and i am free to complete the mission.


2) If am a quest, i am disconnected. end of story mission.


Sadly i am suspecting my laptop could be very much the core of this problem, its a Lenovo Y550 which is, well quite old so to say, and sometimes, usually if the derelict mission is the very first thing i do after i turn my pc and WF on, this bug/crash doesnt happen.


As you can imagine, its very annoying, it was the reason i didnt farm corrupted mods but with mirage well,i had to go there and farming 5 vaults solo  took me a nice evening ... but i made it! :-)  


Anyway, someone has similar problem, or is it just me and my medieval laptop? (and ofc, i am running WF at min, details).

Yeah and sorry for my english.

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