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Sunika´s Unleashed Abilitie


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My questions is : Does unleashed abilitie useful more than knocking down VIPs in capture missions? Does it knock down another kind of enemires?

Because if it not, this is the only kubrow wich has one abilitie that can´t be used in all missions. All of the rest can perform their abilities in other type of maps so why not make Sunika knock down Heavy Grineer units or dangerous targets like corrupted heavy gunners and such?

That are my thoughts, hope you help me if I am wrong or tell me what you think about the Unleashed abilitie.

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I am sorry to say, but the unleashed is only for capture targets.
some people say unleashed works with bosses, but I tried myseld and I saw my sunika grappling ambulas, but it was the savagery, not the unleashed.
when kubrows activate skills, pop up a number '100' on he/she is head.

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