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The Blood Knights : Recruitment


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Hello there , im Thalexs



and im here to recruit you guys to my new old clan , the blood knights


WE are the truth and the light. We conquer all in the name of that justice which always prevails.

We divide and conquer all who oppose us.

Our primary goal is power among the factions and to spread peace across the universe.

We will cover it in blood, in the name of reaching our goal, peace. 

As knights we focus on Honor and power.


Q: Why "New" old Clan

A: i created it a year ago and left warframe , but im back now


Q: About you dojo ?

A: Im building it , drawn a blueprint for it


Q: Any age/level/country restriction

A: No , all are welcome


Q: What about dark sectors 

A: That still far away but we would input the min tax rate possible in game


Q: Why should i join your clan

A: We are a clan of friends and foes , but we help others every time we can .


Q: Clan emblem ?


A: Uploaded and waiting for aproval     approved and will be in game at next hotfix


====================DOJO MAP=============================


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