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Funny Thing In The Dojo (Ui Issue)


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Hello everyone. I hope you are having a good day in Warframe today. Anyways, yesterday I found a rather funny bug in the UI when in the dojo. Apparently, when I went to my clan dojo yesterday, my shields and health dropped and instead of having 150 shields and 620 health (I was playing as Valkyr) I had 50 shields and 450 health and it said that I was using an unranked warframe at the bottom of the shield and health numbers. Strangely enough, my kubrow who was at the time level 20-22 (I don't remember exactly which level she was) became level 30.


So I left the dojo, and guess what, my shields and health were returned to normal.


Also, I might as well mention that when my kubrow died for the first time, the end mission rewards placed her as rank 1 when she was already rank 12. I checked her stats via the arsenal menu and she was rank 12. Seems like some visual UI bugs are still roaming around.


Even though this is not a big deal, it would probably scare some players if they see that all of a sudden they are weaker than they were a mission ago without changing anything.

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