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Valkyr Hysteria Bugs


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There is a Bug, considering a skill of warframe Valkyr, Hysteria. It seems that, at some very rare occasions, this skill may cause one, or all of the following:

-Animation lock: Sometimes(on 1 to 100 ration approx.) instead of switching back to default weapon after Hysteria time-of-effect has elapsed character is instead locked in a continuous animation of repeating strikes (without making any actual strikes). This restricts the character to running only.

-Extended Effect: Quite often (3 out of 5 times approx.) character does not switch back to default weapon for some time (2-5 seconds, seems to depend on the speed of clicking the Melee Attack button), basically extending the effect of increased strength further than the Skill allows, the "red-haze" visual effect and invincibility are not extended.

-Weapon Loss: Sometimes when repeatedly using Hysteria for a long time (2 times per roughly 60 casts) instead of switching to default weapon you may lose that weapon(both as a usable item and as a graphic model on a character). As if you had not equipped it for a mission at all. It will get no experience and will not show up in the Mission Successful screen at the end of the mission (But will show up at the Mission Successful screen on the ship and in the Arsenal it is still equiped). This may be caused by using Hysteria WHILE the character still switches to default weapon.

Every effect was only observed while using melee weapons (Galatine(/w Fury(max)) and Nikana). I was unable to test it with ranged weapons due to lack of those.


On a sidenote.

When it happened for a second time i lost all melee weapon experience after a 40min survival mission. Nikana was still unranked.

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