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Dark Sectors Bugs


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I will states some bugs I have encounter which are more than annoying :


- Super Ash mode :

what is this : When Ash use his finisher , he will just go invisible , and wait in the zone once you are in target area , he will target you as soon you enter one hit ko , not sure once he does his 10/15 strike he stop


-That super specter with Penta (or any self damaging weapon) : what this does :


Basicly when you use weapon like Penta , casta etc , if you target near to yourself ,you are hightly damaged or dead


but with specter , they fire faster , stronger , and do not get self damage


Specter instant or near to instant ressurect : 


what this does : the specter res way faster than normal and sometime they even get chance to ressurect theireself (when they bleeding out , they got magicly up)


Warframe power unlock issue : 

If your warframe does not have all power card ,and you let empty spot then you won't be able to get all your power once you hit 30


Like in previous dark sector , I love the unlimited 100% ultra safe block ammo with melee (even rockets)

might add some more later


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