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Some Stuff ^-^

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I have some random stuff someone somewhere might be interested. I'm willing to sell at any price - I'm trying to make plat for more Warframe slots. :D The number in brackets will denote the rank. - if there isn't one, it's unranked.


As for mods, I have

For Warframes; Flow (1), Intensify, Streamline, Redirection (7) and a Vitality (4). As time passes I'll probably upgrade the Redirection and Vitality more, if you want to hold off on that or anything, pm me. :3 Also selling Loot Detector (1) and Pistol Scavenger.


Primary Weapons; Hell's Chamber, Rifle Ammo Mutation, Sniper Ammo Mutation, Thunderbolt and a Serration (5). Same with the Serration as Redirection and Vitality.


Secondary Weapons; None atm. <3


Melee; Energy Channel, Heavy Trauma (2), Power Throw.


Stance mods; I have Flailing Branch, Seismic Palm, Burning Wasp, Reaping Spiral and Swirling Tiger. Looking to trade something for Cleaving Whirlwind.


I have, for Kubrows, a Maul (4) and a Link Armor (3), much the same as the Redirection, Vitality and Serration these are a work in project that I will continue, if you wish to hold off.


I also have;

Bo Prime Ornament, Boltor Prime Stock, Burston Prime Stock, Paris Prime Upper Limb and Grip. Also, Mag and Ember Prime Helm blueprints. And a Scorpion Ash Helmet. (Quick question; do I need to build this before I trade?)


Message me in game or reply or something, thanks. <3


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