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(Idea) Healing Animations

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The current animation is fine, but I thought of an addition to give it more immersion.

Now when your frame keels over, they will have a visible injury based on the last attack they took: melee gives a large gash on their chest/stomach, guns give a large bullet wound or smaller holes all over, elements give burn marks or frosted over areas. The frames can still crawl, but the animation will look more pained. When the frame is being healed, the wound geows smaller and disappears.


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Great idea! I love it! As it is right now, it is just standing over them with green gas like substance flowing onto the downed frame, and has no real visual effect on the frame, they just lay there and then pop back up magically. If DE would make this idea come to life, i feel it would add a whole new level to the immersion, not just visually but also in a way detail how the frames really interact with each other.

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