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Games That Made You Cry/almost Cry.

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The walking dead part 1.


This game makes me cry even months after i played it.

Maybe part 2 will top it we have to see....


Don't open unless you already know the death i'm talking about or don't care to play the game.



Red Dead Redemption


This is a pretty old game now so i guess everyone had heard of or have played this game and know about the ending.

cryied pretty hard for a days.


Even if it's old i won't try to spoil any of this ending so don't open if your planning on playing



To the moon


it's a very good indie game with a very beautiful and sad end



Thanks for posting yours!




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My brother and I had to pause the game for a good 15 minutes after this. We were both just completely blown away;


• Gears of War 3







Really, all of the Assassin's Creed games have been real tear-jerkers for me. Even non-death scenes. Those games are just absolutely gorgeous and the soundtrack really makes scenes emotional. So I'll just list the two most memorable scenes, or else I'll be here all day;


• Assassin's Creed 3




• Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Ed "Blackbeard" Thatch


Sailing away having everything in slow motion and hearing the muffled cannon fire in the background really drove it home.




• The Walking Dead 





• Halo 4




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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea

Warning! Major spoiler alert!


If your heart didn't broke at least at "You belong to me" in titles, then you're made from titanium alloy.

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For me, it was Spec Ops: The Line.


That game in its entirety made me feel like a terrible person while playing it. It also did a very good job of making me feel worn out, so to speak, when it was finished rather than getting the typical feel of completion.


First game I've ever played that legitimately made me cry.


Incase you don't care for spoilers....

Also, viewer discretion is advised.

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Halo 4 for me :l


I don't think i'm gonna play The Last of Us anyways, just because it's too drama for me :c


Actually, I try to avoid tear jerky games and anime for the sole reason that I can't get over them T~T



Edit: Zeitzbach reminded me of the pokemon games.... that goes to my list.

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