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Bugs As Of 14.0.11


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These are all the things that a couple of people and I encountered and still occurring. I also ranked their priority base on assumption so don't think they are that important or whatever. Just base on judging I think.



- High priority

- Medium priority

- Low priority

No star - Not very important but would like it if possible

-- // BUGS // --

Game Performance
- Numerous crashes and freezes.

Key/control bindings not saving correctly after quitting/close the game during mission. Reverts back to the settings that you confirmed it when you were on the ship. For example: "During mission > ESC > Options > Controls > Key/controller binding > Confirm > Complete mission > At player ship > ESC > Quit Game > Start game again." (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/276777-keyboard-and-mouse-keybindings-wont-save-between-sessions/)

At the end of every mission even ones from alerts, you end up having a disconnect or freeze that ends up not rewarding you. Also will lose the stuff that you gain from that mission as well as keys if used.

Possible of Mission Fail when you have "Mission Complete" screen. Happens randomly.

- Players get disconnected from squad at random times.

- Black screens after a mission causing you to force close the game.
- After you press "Leave Squad" from the ESC menu, it puts you in Trading tab.

- When someone use their mic and voice chat, it has like a stuttering sound.
- This happened after I tried to joined my friend's squad or when he invited me. (Note: If you try to logout when you're in this situation, Warframe freezes or stops working)


- Chat sometimes act up and shows this right after you logged in. My friend told me that his chat is working fine, but my internet was also fine as well.


- Chat seems to disconnect randomly, but I believe it has to deal with the server or something.

- This still happens if one of the players get kicked from the squad and then a voting option appears.


- Game still starts if two people are fully loaded while the others are still loading. Sometimes the mission would be over as soon as the other players fully load or half way through the mission which isn't far for those that were still loading. If the host is fully loaded and one of the client are fully loaded, the game starts as well.

- Sometimes, there is a black screen after a survival game then Warframe stops responding. Forcing you to close it from the task manager.
- You can still type while having an error or confirmation message showing up.
- When you type something in the invite box when trying to invite (from the "+"), it also types it in the chat. If you press enter after you have finish type the person's name, it also enters it into the chat as well.
- You can still do some action after you fully loaded while still waiting for the others to load. Melee, shoot, jump, etc.
- Sometimes when inviting, it doesn't invite for some players. Happened with my friend and I couple nights ago when we were doing an alert.
- Second player during the cinematic scene seems to how show the dropping off and/or landing. They are just there without any scene going on (not skipping the scenes).

Enemies (AI/NPC)
- Infested Ancient using Scorpion's pull ability.

Stalker can kill you while you're still at loading screen (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/278711-loading-screen-stalker-kill-that-sneaky-bastard/)


Dark Sectors
- If you are down and gain a mod while down, you can become stuck downed and unable to move (Although not sure if this was fix as of 14.0.11 would like someone to confirm for me. Message me please)

Warframes & Weapons

Mirage's Hall of Mirrors seems to don't disappear even after duration has been reached causing the game to game a bunch as well.

- Those things that hang with Hydroid's second alternative helmet isn't dangling, and it looks weird when the head turn while that part stays put.


- Kubrows can still be see even after Loki's Invisibility is still active. Possible that the warframe can be seen as well because I keep getting shot or melee at when I was invisible.
- Mirage's Hall of Mirrors shows the weapon clip of all equipped weapons


Ogris doing damage to friendlies (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/278490-ogris-friendly-fire-bug/)


User Interface (UI)
- First one since the second one has been fix in 14.0.11: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/271683-post-hotfix-1408-update-14-issue-megathread/?p=3144638
- Incorrect loading status of each player after a mission. (You'll noticed that I'm in the second row instead of the first where the first is a different player. Also the other player loading bar is always full even when they aren't.)


- When you click "Play Now" on a node, the timer can sometimes go at 60,000.
- Check mark for votes doesn't show after you or someone joins you when voting the same node/mission, and everyone accepted.


- EOM scrolling not working at the end of the extraction (the EOM with the "Returning to Main Menu in X...")
- EOM shows up after you leave your dojo.
- UI freezes when you invite using the right click on the players' name.
- Sometimes the squad listing is placing random spots of players being there when they aren't in the squad.


- The bright outline basically is overlapping with the warframe character and the weapons


- Incorrect information for what your friends are playing


- This happened after I transmuted one time then the mods overlap the warframe with gray colors on it. It can also happen in "Upgrades" as well.


- Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I have both mods equipped on my Sunika Kubrow, and it only shows that I have Unleashed as it's power ability. The other mod doesn't seem to be a power ability; is that why it doesn't show when you are hovering over your companion in Arsenal?


- It seems that the resolution stretches after the hotfix for 14.0.10.


- There are two Burst Lasers in the Codex. One ranked up. The other unranked.


- Invite option isn't displaying in the chat when you left/right click on player's name. In fact, the only option that is available is the "Close Tab". You guys said you fixed it, but you literally removed it from chat and possibly from the friend's list as well. Even if you have a squad, the option still isn't available.
- Rewards can get out of its position with the background in EOM.


- The spinning circle loading isn't centered correctly in the "Please Wait..." screen when joining a squad. This also happens when adding a new room in dojo.


- Mastery rank bar isn't filled for self-player and others in the squad. 


- Mercury giving unrank fusion core mods in EOM, but it actually gives the right mod with the rank in the drops.



- Pyra syandana's fire is basically set as a background of the warframe when you're in the Arsenal. It doesn't show as it's on the back of the warframe. (for example: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/271683-post-hotfix-1408-update-14-issue-megathread/?p=3142596)
- Rubedo Yamato syandana goes through warframes backs or butts



- Helios is starting to scan everything again even when you have full entries of that specific thing.

- The incubator sometimes stops operating when you're breeding your kubrow egg.
- Pet Kubrows  and sentinels goes under with Hydroid's Undertow. Not sure if this is a bug though.
- Kubrow doesn't lose shield/health at this part in the Hive mission


- Installed mods not showing for Kubrows after clicking "Mods" in Upgrades.
- When you're in the Incubator, the Kubrow will stand up on it's feet from laying down. After you use one DNA stabilizer, a cover will cover the kubrow and start the stabilizing. But what I noticed is that the kubrow is still standing even when the cover is over him/her. Couldn't get a screenshot because it kinda went by quickly.
- Head movement randomly gets stuck at a certain point when doing stuff like Foundry, Market, Arsenal, Incubator, Codex, News, etc.
- Kubrows on Earth seem to always do 2-hits and kill the sentinels. They basically attack the Companions first before attacking the Warframe.

- Upgrading mods from one rank up or higher seems to uninstall mods even if you have enough space/cost available.
- Incorrect information in the Friends List's list of room available to join that are you friends like "0/4 Open Spots" or "2/8 Open Spots".
- Warframe is replaced with a grey when hovering over a zoomed in mod in "Upgrades".


- Alert mission sometimes randomly goes to the original node instead of the alert.

- Alerts with rewards sometimes doesn't show up in the right-bottom corner of the screen, but it shows in the star chart.

Missions & Maps

- Cryopod seems to be doing this in this kind of tileset of Grineer Defense.


- Void Capture missions are showing Dark Sector messages.
- Tower IV Exterminate not giving rewards.
- Water sometimes extends further out on certain area like in Derelict and anywhere that has water



Game Performance
- Only give the squad leader of the party allowed to start the timer. (possible can't do this until the UI freeze is fixed first though)
- Give an option to the party leader to kick a player out of their squad.
- Be able to mark Kubrow Egg(s).
- You should include the head movement to all things that apply such as when having weapons equipped, when not having weapons equipped, and being in the dojo.
- The player ship cinematic scene for going to a planet or ship shouldn't be skip-able. I enjoy watching it honestly.
- It would be nice to have a cinematic scene of players going to and/or leaving their dojo.
- There should be like a fix for the feet sliding when you're turning around when you're aiming. Just looks like you're basically hovering the floor.

User Interface (UI)
- Have an option in the HUD where you can set which Map view that you want in the game. Either the map in the left-top corner of the screen or the big map view that's near the middle of the screen. I honestly don't like having to press the "M" key every time I join a game.
- It would be nice to have a "Quit Game" in the menu when you're in the dojo.
- Have a "Join Squad" option when you right click on player's name if they have a squad active.
- Change some UI in the option setting interface to make it match with the new UI.

- Instead of having the shield and health bar at the top of the UI doing gameplay, why not have it hover over the AI's head when you aim at them?

- Should be able to sell nav segments if we already installed them.

Warframes & Weapons
- Some of the gold on certain prime weapon seem to be old like Orthos Prime, Dakra Prime, and any old prime weapons I believe.
- All the bows randomly get re-position at a certain time. Happens a lot and really randomly. Not really a bug I guess, but it would be nice that it didn't go through warframe's chest like this.


- Is the Inventory UI gonna change anytime soon?

- Is the confirmation message UI gonna change as well?


Note: I posted this before, but I updated the list as of 14.0.11. And you can report your bugs here as well. ONLY BUGS/IMPROVEMENTS.

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I have had this happen to me twice. I start a mission and it automatically loads me into another place. Supposedly it looks like the Dark Sector areas, but I don't know because I don't journey into the dark sectos. If you look at my Steam Profile, I have screenshots from this incident happening the first time and it has happened twice now, so I figured I would find somewhere to report it. Steam Username: Lieutenant Jaxyn E. Henderson

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I still don't have an Arsenal Segment after completing Vor's Prize. I've found two other people who have this issue, I've tweeted to @PlayWarframe and made a Support Ticket (on Friday), still no response.

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since update crash all the time when finishing quest or working on mods/loadout getting very annoying lost void keys from crashing during completion of quest, while the update looks nice its becoming unplayable if u crash all the time atleast 5times in last 2 hrs. Wasting time and resources atm.


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  • 1 month later...

Just want to report that I've experienced crashing/hang after mission completion a few times since starting recently.


First time after completing a defence mission, right as the loading screen started, it turned me to the login screen. Lost rewards from the mission.


Other two times, the game would simply hang on the loading screen after a mission complete.

It's also possible for the squad to begin another mission during this hang. I can see the voting tab but can't perform any actions but can hear sounds, e.g. lotus talking. When the mission begins, it's a black screen and I can still hear sounds and see some of the UI.

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